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6 DIY Ways to Turn Your Tiny Desk

There are a lot of perks to working from home , but having to carve out space in your house is definitely not one of them. It’s tough to imagine completing projects in the same space where you pay bills, fold laundry, and watch hours of TV—so don’t!

Instead, imagine working in a private little area that’s perfectly outfitted with everything you need. Are you picturing it? Good! Now, here’s how to turn your tiny desk at home into that sanctuary of focus and productivity.

1. Make the Space Comfortable

Instead of lamenting your lack of co-workers and limitless office supplies, take advantage of the fact you’re at home by outfitting your space with unique accessories that make you smile. For example, you can make a DIY cushion for your wrist , bring in a throw pillow for better back support, and purchase the chair of your dreams.

2. Label as Much as Possible

The number one step of outfitting your small home space for work is making sure it has plenty of well-labeled storage . Nothing’s worse than misplacing important papers (from important drafts to a napkin with an important contact number written on the back)—and at home that’s a lot easier to do if you’re not separating it out from your everyday junk mail and receipts.

3. Add File Holders to the Wall for Anything You Use a Lot

If you find yourself accessing the same paperwork, files, or binders every day, try putting them up on the wall within easy reach. This not only clears up clutter on your desk, but it saves you from a freak-out in case a wandering child comes by, or a cat jumps up, or your partner decides to eat right over your space.

4. Hang Baskets for Incoming Papers or Supplies

Fit even more on your walls by hanging bigger, roomier baskets. You might not want this much bulk above your desk, but it’s a great option for an open corner—or if there’s space, even adding to the side of your desk. Fun fact: These DIY dressed-up wire baskets started as cheap shower caddies, so this convenient update can be done on a tiny budget (to match that desk).

5. Put Up Small Corner Shelves for Tight Spaces

Depending on what you do for a living, you might need stow space for more books or boxes than your drawers, hanging baskets, or wall files can fit. Add a few small square shelves to a nearby corner , or assemble some right over your desk, for quick access. As an added bonus, these are a great way to include energy-boosting scent diffusers or plants in your set-up. Not to mention, even if you don’t need certain books , it always makes a space feel more work-like if they’re within eyesight.

6.Designate an Area for the Printer

Finally, if you use a printer or scanner, set up them up alongside or under your desk, complete with spare ink cartridges and extra paper. That way, in case you run out of any supplies while you’re in the middle of working, you’ll have everything you need close by—and there will be no need to leave your workspace. Because nothing will get you out of the zone faster than trying to find a spare cartridge in a box, under your bed. Make this organizer yourself using cheap magazine holders.

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